Roof Bayonne Mid City Garage



Owner had large building and was leaking all over. There was a upper and lower roof. The upper roof main support deck was extremely weak and rotted in a lot of sections. All the water gather in between the drains on the front wall and was running down on the inside of his main upper building. Also his side retaining walls where acting like sponges and time releasing water days after a rain. Which became extremely troubling to him.  He made countless repairs with no results.  He also had a lower roof that wasn’t pitch in the right direction and held water on 2/3 of it. There was also a small retaining wall in the back that held the water back.  He came to us from a referral from another company right across the street that we did the spring before. After meeting with the owner he wanted to do it right but was afraid of what it would cost.  After I earned his confidence we  elected to break up the roof into 2 different jobs as he was  on a tight budget and winter was upon us. We decided to do the upper roof first and then tackle the lower roof the following year.